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In a face-to-face lesson we would be writing on pieces of paper, whereas with online tuition, the pieces of paper are on our computer screens!

Matt Witchalls: Qualified Teacher & Online Maths Tutor
Matt Witchalls
Online Maths Tutor

I believe my approach to online tuition is just as effective as when I teach someone face-to-face and in some cases even more so. As a result, I have successfully delivered thousands of hours of online mathematics tuition to students of all abilities across the UK and internationally.

Through the use of Skype and Blackboard Collaborate, I am able to provide live, fully-interactive online mathematics tuition to anyone with a broadband internet connection. The Blackboard Collaborate online classroom allows me to upload documents such as past exam papers and then extensively annotate them and my students can do the same. In a face-to-face lesson we would be writing on pieces of paper, whereas in an online lesson, the pieces of paper are on our computer screens!

An example of online maths tuition. The topic is trigonometric functions.

By using Skype, I am able to communicate directly with my students, ask them questions and answer any of theirs. This all happens live and in real time so it’s really no different to the conversation we would be having if we were in the same room.

We can both see everything we write in the online classroom and, just like how my students keep all of the pieces of paper from a face-to-face lesson, so they can save all of the classroom slides and annotations. This is a great resource for students to look back on between our lessons.

This combination of clever technology and my own experience and extensive subject knowledge means that I am able to teach just as effectively online as I can when teaching face-to-face. Many students actually prefer this method of tuition and I can honestly say that there is no difference at all in the levels of improvement and attainment achieved by my online students compared to my face-to-face students. You can see some of the results my previous clients have achieved and what they think about my tuition service here.

To give you an idea of how I use the online classroom during a typical online lesson, I’ve put together several examples from a selection of different topics as you’ll see below. I have removed any of my students’ details so don’t forget that these lessons were all happening live while we were also talking on Skype.

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