Private Tuition – the benefits

Matt Witchalls: Qualified Teacher & Online Maths Tutor

Alongside my classroom teaching, I have taught privately for many years and have helped hundreds of students to improve their understanding of mathematics and, as a result, their confidence, grades and employability.

In my experience, the most important aspect of private tuition is that there is sufficient time to discuss mathematics in detail. As a private tutor, I don’t feel under pressure to get around a classroom to see every single student and, crucially,  my students don’t feel self-conscious about asking for help or admitting that there are mathematical concepts and techniques which they just don’t understand.

My private lessons have a formal structure paired with a patient approach to each student’s individual needs. I continuously assess my students throughout each lesson without the need for maths “drills” where students do the same thing again and again. Instead, I encourage my students to talk about mathematics and to try explaining techniques back to me. Once a student understands a technique well enough to explain it to someone else, I find that it usually stays with them and does not require a huge effort to recall when revising for tests and final exams.

Key Benefits of Private Tuition:

  1. We will have time to discuss your issues with mathematics in detail
  2. You can ask me for help with whatever you like!
  3. We will work at your own pace
  4. Our lessons will be planned around you rather than a class of 30
  5. I won’t laugh or be annoyed if you get something wrong
  6. We can easily review material covered in previous lessons
  7. I can provide feedback and progress reports after every lesson

My students choose private tuition with me for all sorts of reasons and it is rarely as simple as being stuck with a poor teacher at school. Whatever the reason, I will take the time to understand why you need help with mathematics and what would be the best plan to provide that help. Whether you need only a couple of intensive lessons on a particular topic or regular weekly support for your mathematics studies, I can help you and would be very happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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