Thinking about trying online maths tuition?

Here’s what some of my students and their parents have to say…

After some initial reservations about using online teaching (my daughter is very much a people person), Matt offered a trial mini lesson to reassure us both.

And it really does work! I could not find anyone in Cheshire who could tutor further mathematics and online tuition offered the perfect solution. And Matt has the knowledge to teach all areas of maths and further maths, regardless of exam board.

He was able to focus on specific topics with my daughter and taught her up to and throughout her exams as each paper approached. Rather than struggling with a specific area at home she was able to conquer each area of concern as it came up and Matt gave her at least 2 new techniques for problems which she had struggled with in the past.

Great tuition and I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone who needs that boost or extra support for their A level maths or further maths.


Matt is a fantastic maths tutor, guiding our son to an A* in the Further Pure Maths IGCSE which he took in Year 11. As a Maths Teacher myself, I’m happy to say that Matt has a deep knowledge of the subject and curriculum which means he was able to answer any maths question that my son asked, as well as more importantly, being able to adjust the tuition session to support any weaknesses that came up during the session.

The online sessions worked well, allowing Matt and our son to easily share resources and questions on the digital whiteboard. Highly recommended!


Hi Matt! Just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, I got an A* in A level maths!

After all my complaints about mechanics I got 100 UMS πŸ™„


Hi Matt,

Just a quick message to say that F got his A* in A level maths, so great work there!



Hi Matt,

I thought you might like to know that E achieved an 8 in her maths IGCSE. She is so happy with it, as am I. Thank you for all your work with her. This really shows it was worth the effort.

Best wishes,


(E was in the second maths set at school and struggling with maths in secondary school when I first started working with her)

Dear Matt,

Just wanted to let you know that I got 94% in C3, 97% in S2 and 93% in S3. This gave me two A*s overall with one in single and one in further maths. Thank you very much for helping me achieve my uni place I couldn’t have done it without you.

Best wishes


Hi Matt,

J‘s A level maths results. He got a total of 535/600 overall, with 179 for his combined C3 and C4. That means that 1 extra mark in either paper would boost him up to an A*.

B now has an engineering apprenticeship and J is hoping to study classics at university, and my youngest wouldn’t touch A level maths with a barge pole… So this is a good time to thank you for all the help you’ve given with both boys – they both found you an excellent tutor; we were lucky to find you.

All the best for the future,

(B and J were home-schooled students and I was their only maths teacher)

Hello Matt!

I just wanted to update you on my maths A-Level result – I got a mid B! being not your typical maths student, I am surprised and pleased that I was able to achieve this after receiving an E after finishing A2’s first time around. I would like to thank you for your help and support!

Wishing you all the best for the future.

Kindest Regards,


J scored 100% in Cambridge IGCSE maths

Thanks for your support πŸ‘
It looks like he will get Best of Indonesia Award
Or even SE Asia with 100%


90% In both S1 and C3 papers. A grade in the bag. Thanks Matt


H got admission in Liverpool medical school
Chemistry A star
Biology A
Math A
Thank you all
Dr S

Hi Matt

Thank you for supporting L this past year..

She scored an A* in maths and an A in further. Only one module was a B the rest where As. We are all very pleased.

L is off to Edinburgh to study computer science. Undoubtedly your support was a decisive factor in her success.

We look forward to continuing to leverage your support with H.

Many thanks

Dear Matt,

Well, here we are again! Hope you had a good summer.

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that O got A*s in all his A levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

He’s now on his gap year and applying to university. One of his UCAS choices will probably be Oxford for Physics, and this would include taking the PAT test, which is in Physics and Maths. He would very much like to have Maths lessons from you between now and November, which is when the entrance exam is.

Thank you.



Hi Matt

C got an A in maths and B in Further Maths and B in Economics.

Your tuition really helped as her resit on core 1 got 97% and her resit mechanics 1 87%.

She was 4 marks off an A* for her maths.

She has got her 1st choice place to study maths at Leeds and is very happy today!

Thank you so much for all your support and help to get her where she wants to be.

Best wishes


Hello Matt,

I hope this email finds you well.

Just would like to inform you that today R has obtained an A for her Further Maths in her A level results. Being the only student in the school who did S03 Statistics, and with the help and guidance she got solely from you, she managed to get 82/100 UMS. In all, she obtained 2A* 2A. I am delighted and grateful for all your time and effort in guiding my daughter through this journey. No words can express how happy I am and thankful for all of your help.

She has secured her university place at LSE in Economics.

Should she needs further help in Maths in the future, I will not hesitate to contact you, if you don’t mind.

Many thanks Matt !

Warmest regards,

Hi Sir, hope you are doing well! I just got back from holiday and have not been able to send through the good news. I got an A in my A level mathematics! Thank you so much again for all the help this past year πŸ˜€

I got an A* in my IGCSE, thank you so much for your help.


Hello matt, I got an A* in further maths, thank you for your help in maths, see you in September.


Dear Matt,

I hope you are keeping well.

Just wanted to give you a quick update. First of all, to say thank you so much for all the tutoring in the run up to the exams, it was very much appreciated and definitely helped.

I found out yesterday that I actually achieved A* in biology, A in chemistry and A in maths and therefore got accepted into Glasgow doing Veterinary Medicine. I am extremely happy, excited and relieved as I can now look forward to all the new challenges that lie ahead.

Once again, thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the rest of summer holidays πŸ™‚

Many Thanks


Hello Matt,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave to my daughter H.

She ended up with 79.834%. I’m told (we never got all of this detail when i sat A levels so it’s quite bewildering) is 0.167% shy of an A grade! She tells me that a brain fade in C3 was the cause of that where she got 67% (and D1 last year).

Anyway, from the point of view of her university entrance this is immaterial because she got A in her other three subjects. But your help brought her that close and – also critically – made her feel far calmer and more confident about maths which undoubtedly then helped greatly with her mentality for the other subjects.

So thank you for helping her so much.

Best regards


Hi Matt,

Sorry this is late. However I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for all your hard work getting me to the finish line. I know the school didn’t have much faith in me but it was great having your extra support, I really needed it.

Best wishes,

Hi Matt,

We would like to thank you for all your help with H over the last year.
Your online tutoring sessions have made a refreshing change to the classroom and the usual revision regime, and we are sure they have benefitted her mathematical understanding. It was particularly useful to fit in some recent sessions leading up to the A level exams.
We hope to organise sessions with you again in the future, for our son, who starts in Year 10 next term.
I have also recommended you to a few friends in our area.

Many many thanks once again
We’ll speak to you soon

best regards


Hi Matt,

L got A* Maths A* Biology A English. We are over the moon and thank you for all you did to help,


Gd Morning Matt, We have received R‘s Maths results today.

She got C1 (93/100), C2 (96/100), C3 (100/100), C4 (96/100), M1 (100/100) & FP1 (94/100).
Thank you for your time and effort for teaching R. She could not have done it without you, knowing that the topics are tough. Looking forward to having more guidances from you. – HA

Matt ,
J got an email from her first choice uni Lancaster this morning to say congratulations she’s got in . Then she went to pick her results up from school at 9 am .
She got A Biology , B physics 4 marks off an A . And A STAR MATHS .​ she got 100% in C3.​
Thank you so much ,
Best wishes HC

Dear Matt,

I’m sorry I haven’t emailed you sooner, i’m afraid i’ve been fairly distracted by uni and exam related events. I hope you will be glad to here I got a strong A in my Maths A-Level, with 501 UMS.

I want to thank you for all of your help over the last year, it definitely made a significant difference in my understanding of the subject and I don’t know whether I could have got my grade without it!

Thanks again and best wishes for the future,


Hi Matt

I’d add my thanks to those of E and also thanks to AC for the original recommendation…

Very happy to act as a reference if that helps at all..

Best wishes


Hi Sir,

I’ve fulfilled the conditions of my offer! I needed AAAb and I got AAAB πŸ™‚

You’ve made a big difference in my life and somehow, you’ve managed to make me enjoy learning mechanics, something I thought I would never do! Thank you so much sir.

I hope you have a happy and prosperous life.


Hi Matt,

I’m pleased to say that I managed to pass the exam with 66% which meant that I got 76% overall for the course this year!

Thank you so much for all your help this year, I can honestly say that without your guidance I would have struggled to have even passed!

Thanks again, and I’ll let you know when I need help with the next module

Kind Regards,


Dear Matt

Just wanted to inform K‘s AS results

Further pure 1   86a
Mechanics 1     89a
Mechanics 2     80a

We are all very pleased with his excellent results.

Thank you so much for your guidance and excellent support. We really appreciate it.
We would like him to continue having lessons for his A level.


Dear Matt. I’m sorry it’s taken so long, I’d just like to say that I got an A* in Further Maths. Thank you very much for your invaluable lessons, without which I think my result would be less happy. OT

Hello Sir, how are you? I hope you are fine.

When I sit the exam, it was fantastic!… we spent many hours of lessons and I am sure those lessons helped me to equip with enough knowledge and skills to achieve good results. Your methods, lessons have alleviated stress caused by hardness of M1 questions. I found the way you follow simple and easy. THANKS A LOT THANKS! You helped me a lot sir! ::))

I will go to university, medicine in Turkey this year.

Thanks again!


Hi Matt! So Royal Russell have been in touch already! I found a letter waiting for me when I got home yesterday. They offered E a place, an academic scholarship and a bursary!

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. I will definitely be in touch if E struggles at any point in the future, she really enjoyed her sessions with you and I was really pleased with what I heard. Should you ever need to give anyone a reference please don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be a pleasure!

Best wishes,


Hi Matt,

D walked out of the office where she was having her online lesson with you and into the kitchen, where I was, and said “thank you Mum”!

She enjoyed the lesson and said that you made it so easy to understand the topic – thank you so much Matt. Long may this continue.


Hi Matt. Just to let you know T will be moving up a maths set. And they said if she maintains progress another set in summer. This is all down to you. Thanks again, CR

Hi Matt,

E was super enthusiastic after your session! She ate dinner then went straight upstairs to do more algebra!


S achieved a B. Thank you. You have been fabulous. Thank you for all your support. She is off to Birmingham to study Human Biology

Hi Matt, we’re very pleased L got a C in maths & a place at Bristol UWE to start this year, he’s really pleased πŸ™‚

Thankyou for all your help,

Hi Matt, I got my first choice place at Bath with grades A*AB. Really pleased, thank you for all your help.

B got a grade B for A2 overall.

Thanks again for all your help over the year. B has been full of praise for your teaching.

All the best for the future,


Thanks for all your help over the last few months, I’m sure it has helped J and I will keep you in mind if my daughter needs help when she starts A level maths in September.

Thanks once again,


Hi Matt

Just a quick email to say thank you for all the assistance and encouragement you have given J these past few months.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Hi Matt,

J passed his GCSEs. He got C in his maths. He is v pleased. Thank you for your help. Now onwards and upwards for the new GCSEs next year.


Hi Matt hope you & your family are well. T managed to get a B in his GCSEs which he’s delighted with (&us!) Thanks very much for all your help! AC

Hi Matt,

I’m so happy T engaged so well! Both my husband and I have no talent for anything that even vaguely whiffs of the mathematical, so it’s funny to have a son with quite a facility for it! He’s also mad on science, his music…and really any subject that captures his imagination and keen visual memory…he was so inspired by your lesson!…particularly in constructing the truncated tetrahedron! He did, indeed, show it to us!

Many thanks, again.

Kind regards,


Hi Matt
Just to let you know I have passed my maths with a C grade. Thank you for all your help and support

Dear Matt,

A  finds your online lessons very useful  and really likes your approach.

Incidentally, she got 79% and 97% for her last two Maths tests, so your coaching is definitely having the desired effect!

Many thanks,


Hi Matt,

I was greatly encouraged when my ‘Mentor’ in his 2nd year at Oxford said that the question we did had him stumped! I told him how to do it!



Hi Matt just thought I’d let you know I got an A in maths, so very happy! Thank you for all your help defiantly made all the difference. LO

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to let you know that J got 77%  in his Test and it was the C1 paper from June last year which he got a U in . He said when he saw it he felt sick but he worked through it and managed to answer the questions. He can continue with maths now and I want to say a big thank you to you as we have been so worried about whether he should be doing maths as he was struggling with the exams and tests. I feel that with your continued support and tutoring he will achieve the grade he wants.

Kind regards


Hi Matt,

Thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the last 2 years I received an A* in Maths A2 and an A in Further Maths AS this morning and I’m going to Bristol!

My unit grades from this summer are:

C3 – 98%

M1 – 97%

S2 – 88%

Thanks again,


Dear Matt

Thought you would like to know that RL, who you tutored online last November for a week or so, achieved an A grade pass in his maths GCSE.

Thank you very much for your excellent support. I do not think there was any chance he would have achieved this without it.

I don’t know whether or not you remember the circumstances surrounding R‘s problems with maths – that he couldn’t understand his teacher’s explanations. When he handed R his results slip, he said: ‘This is an impossible thing‘. Let’s hope R doesn’t get him next year!



Hello Matt! I got an A* in maths and an A in further maths. Thank you for all the help before the exams – It definitely helped me get these grades. I got a 97 in C3, which was surprising, and got 92’s in S2 and S3, whcih helped with FM.


Hi Matt

I have just received my results I am over the moon. I got an A* in maths. Thank you so much for your help these last two years.


Hi Matt,

I’ve just got my AS results:

C1 – 94%

C2 – 69%

S1 – 94%

Overall – 257/300 86% A

I’ll be in contact soon to arrange lessons for next year, if that’s ok!

Many thanks,


Hi Matt

 Just want you to know that M got his results today and did very well. He got an β€œA” in maths and is very pleased. He is looking forward to doing A’level maths next year.

Many thanks


Hi Matt,

As you know, I got an A* – here’s the breakdown:

C3 – 100%

C4 – 91%

M1 – 100%

With the AS-level modules, these give a final average of 96%.

Thanks for your help over the last two years. I’ll be studying Economics and Economic History at LSE in October, and I may need your help with some of the maths modules!

Kind regards,


Hi Matt,

Thought you might be interested to know P got the points he needed to go to Portsmouth University to study Maths.

Given that he was on the point of dropping maths after his first term in the 6th form this is a pretty impressive result and I am sure he will do well now he can specialise in his favourite subject.

So thanks for all the work and support you have given him, it made all the difference !

Kind regards


Hi Matt,

Just thought I’d let you know that I got an A for A level maths. Thank you for all your help, wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Thanks again,


Hi Matt,

I thought you would like to know that C has been offered an ‘all rounder’ scholarship at Dauntsey’s School in Wiltshire. So all your hard work had a good effect. It certainly made things a lot clearer for C.



Hi Matt, I just wanted to let you know that I had my gcse results back today and I got an A* in maths. I’m so happy and just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help! I am going to carry on with maths at A-level so may go back to some tutoring again once the term starts again. Thank you again! From, MC.

Hi Matt

Just to let you know that G got a C  in his maths which we are thrilled with.  He also got an A* for Geography an A for General studies and a B for Business so he has successfully got into Aberystwyth to study Geography.  I know he wouldn’t have made it without your help!

Thank you



Hi Matt,

A is really please to have you tutoring her again, as she is struggling with this module.

She has really enjoyed her course at university, she has grown up so much and I remember all the help you gave her when she really needed it making it possibel for her to take up her place there.

Best wishes,



J is at work today so doubt if he’s been in touch – but he has got his result – 74 in c4 so therefore the A he needed.

Thanks for all your help



Hi Matt , good news A got A in maths .  dipped slightly in geology with a B grade so going to Leeds. Many thanks



Just emailing to say thank you for all the tuition with J over the last few weeks.

He did his FP2 exam last Monday. He said it was tough, but he had a good go at it, something he wouldn’t have been in a position to do without the tuition.

Thanks again


Hi Matt,

Just wanted to let you know that J did the International Maths Challenge and got a Gold award (I think he was 1 mark off having to go off to the next round). His teacher was really pleased with him. So thank you for all your help and support.

Kind regards,


Hi Matt!

I got an A in my mechanics exam (80/100). Thank you!!


D of course got his results yesterday:

C1 – 93, A, or even A*

M1 – 74, B up from a D last time

M3 – 70 B

Overall he was pleased so thanks for your help.


Hi Matt,

I am back from my Atlantic crossing, went really well had a few minor issues but nothing we couldn’t overcome.

I received my results today and you will be glad to know I got my B grade.

Thank you so much for your help and patience.

I wish you the best of luck in the new year.


Hey Matt

Hope you’re well. I’m sure you know results came out today. I got an A in maths and an A in further maths.  So I’m very pleased. Looks like it was worth braving all the work and continuing  with FM, especially as my other subjects went well: A* in Physics and A in chemistry. Just wanted to let you know and say thank you for all the help through the year. You maths much easier to understand and enjoy it at the same time. Hope all your other students did well.



Hi Matt,

I just thought I’d e-mail you to thank you for all your help and support over the past couple of years with the maths tuition, as I had my C2, C3 and C4 resits in January, and having just got my results back in March I found out that my overall A Level grade has gone up to a B! This has secured me a place at the university I really wanted to go too, and I definitely could not have done it without all your help, so thank you again!

Kind Regards,