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New A level Maths Specifications

  I will soon be updating my website to reflect the significant changes to the A level mathematics and further mathematics curriculum.   New resources will cover:   AS Maths A level Maths AS Further Maths A level Further

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Deriving The Quadratic Formula

An example of online maths tuition. The topic is deriving the quadratic formula using completing the square.

Ever wondered where the quadratic formula comes from? Starting with the general form of a quadratic equation, you can derive the quadratic formula yourself using the technique of ‘completing the square’. As you can see in the above screenshot from

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Trigonometric functions and the unit circle

An example of online maths tuition. The topic is trigonometric functions.

The other day, a student asked me: “When I use the trig functions, what do the numbers on my calculator really mean?” We discussed this question in detail and linked the output values from the SIN and COS calculator buttons

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